The Sustainable Mail Group launches in Canada

A new organization focusing on the environmental impact of direct mail, the Sustainable Mail Group (SMG – headquartered in Markham, Ontario, has announced it’s official launch with the unveiling of it’s website and LinkedIn Group. In 2020, a group composed of sector leaders related to the production and distribution of printed mail began building an organization where industry sustainability could be discussed, researched and better understood. Group members saw this as an opportunity to make a difference by addressing their environmental impact. Early members represented the entire mail ecosystem and included Canada Post, printers, paper and envelope manufacturers, lettershop services, marketers and data services.

Mail continues to provide a stable and valuable communications channel within the rapidly changing digital ecosystem. The group believes that there’s a need to address consumer demand for responsible mail production practices. With tens of thousands of jobs involved and over 6.3 billion pieces of mail printed, produced and delivered in Canada each year, the Sustainable Mail Group invites all interested companies, organizations and individuals from the sector to join them in fostering a better understanding of the environmental impact of their industry with the goal of adopting best practices.

The group’s website is a free public resource of current research, best practices on how to create more sustainable mail, case studies, and discussion documents produced by its members. The group added that it’s value will grow with time as content will be welcomed by the industry and curated by the SMG to act as a trusted source of information. Joining the SMG is free and initial benefits include its quarterly email newsletter (

The LinkedIn Group is open to all and will allow for a more regular flow of news. It will also encourage the dissemination of links to content on the website, special events, as well as the re-sharing of sector-relevant information from around the world that can help members understand the state of sustainability activity in this industry sector. For more information please contact Steve Falk, President of Prime Data (Aurora, Ontario) and Chair of the SMG’s Communications Committee, at

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