Sun Chemical to increase prices on inks, coatings and adhesives in North America

Sun Chemical (Parsippany, NJ) will increase prices across a broad portfolio of its packaging and commercial sheetfed inks, coatings and adhesives in North America, effective July 1, 2021. The company added that the global raw-material environment continues to demonstrate significant inflationary pressures. “Raw material shortages are an ongoing concern, and the competition to secure these scarce resources has accelerated the cost increases within a majority of Sun Chemical’s raw material categories,” it added. In addition to raw material cost pressures, international and domestic logistics costs have soared as the economic recovery drives demand for these services.

Chris Parrilli

“The dynamics within the ink market are unprecedented,” said Chris Parrilli, President of North American Inks at Sun Chemical. “The lingering effects of the Texas weather event and the international logistics challenges, coupled with the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, are all significantly impacting our operations. Sun Chemical’s primary objective is to keep our customers supplied with the products and services they need to meet their business objectives. In order to achieve that goal, we’ve taken all necessary steps to secure raw materials and transportation, including absorbing higher costs. We are committed to mitigating costs whenever possible, however, the speed of inflationary pressures necessitates that we implement price increases in the market,” he added. Sun Chemical said it’ll communicate specific increases directly with its customers. Customers with questions can reach out to their local Sun Chemical sales representative.

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