Scan Dimension releases low-cost Sol Pro 3D Scanner

The Sol Pro 3D Scanner

Scan Dimension (Allerod, Denmark) has released its Sol Pro, an automated, professional-grade 3D scanner that’s “one of the most accurate desktop scanners in its class for quality assurance, product inspection, prototyping and 3D printing tasks. Plus, the Sol Pro 3D Scanner enters the market at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions and exceeds standards for high-quality 3D scans,” said the company. The easy-to-use scanner automates the entire 3D scanning process of calibration, scanning and meshing, delivering accuracy of up to 0.05 mm. Sol Pro utilizes a combination of laser triangulation and white-light technology to achieve these high-quality results.

Users can view 3D texture, X-ray, and wireframe-rendered scans directly in the included software, or export files for use with third-party 3D software. Integration with Sketchfab, an online resource to publish and source 3D models, makes it easy to share 3D files with collaborators. “Following the success of our entry-level Sol 3D Scanner, we saw an opportunity to grow our scanner line with a professional-grade solution that delivers results like no other in its class,” said Jacob Bendix, Chief Commercial Officer at Scan Dimension.

Sol Pro is ideal for engineers and quality-assurance professionals who use 3D-scanned objects to ensure exact copies of an original. Scanned objects can also be used for 3D printing or product inspection to ensure that manufactured parts comply with industry tolerance standards. For reverse engineering, users can scan replacement or discontinued parts when original drawings are unavailable. Sol Pro can scan objects up to 170 mm in height x 170 mm in diameter (6.7 x 6.7 inches), with a minimum object size of 20 x 20 mm (.8 x .8 in) and a maximum weight of 2 kg (4.4 lbs.). Depending on the size of the object, Sol Pro can scan objects in as little as 8 minutes via its Turbo Scanning Mode.

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