Konica Minolta releases AccurioPress 6272P Flagship Monochrome Digital Press

Konica Minolta AccurioPress 6272P

Konica Minolta’s new AccurioPress 6272P was designed to “help customers rethink monochrome print possibilities.” Commercial printers, print-for-pay services and central in-house printing operations are all major target markets for the fully configured digital production press, which replaces the bizhub PRESS 2250P. Based on the highly successful single-engine AccurioPress 6136P, this flagship monochrome digital press utilizes dual-engine technology that enables the printing of more than 16,000 images per hour. “Users will benefit from its best-in-class durability, reliability, productivity, efficiency and automation while optimizing their investment through a low total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to similar speed devices.,” said the OEM.

The AccurioPress 6272P prints 272 ipm duplex to meet tight print deadlines and supports a wide range of media – including coated and uncoated stock in weights from 40 gsm up to 350 gsm and ranging from 3.74” x 5.24” to 12.76” x 19.02.” With a maximum input capacity of 18,000 sheets and a maximum output capacity of up to 18,600 sheets with three high-capacity stackers, the press delivers long, uninterrupted runs. The tandem-engine combination, achieved through its tandem relay unit (TD-502), provides “twice the speed and double the productivity” in one integrated production process that also offers superior image quality and a wide range of automated features. The press uses LED print heads for 1,200 x 1,200 dpi with technology to ensure that smaller font sizes are crisp and halftones are smooth, producing “stunning monochrome text and images.”

As with the AccurioPress 6136P series, the 6272P uses CIE colour space when converting colour documents to black and white, creating richer gradations than conventional conversion. Independent front-to-back alignment and a distortion-adjustment function ensure accurate duplex registration for book blocks, technical documents and more. The newly developed pass-through mode secures production in the rare case of a machine error, and the standard paper-cooling system enables all output to be processed immediately offline after printing. For printing companies looking to integrate their printing, and organizations that use digital printing to produce their own in-house publications and promotional materials, AccurioPro, Konica Minolta’s suite of digital solutions for professional printing, boosts speed and efficiency, expands capabilities and services, and reduces the need for operational manpower. Together, these features help “streamline customers’ print jobs and also help to boost profitability.”

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