Image Access unveils WideTEK 24F Scanner for 4-second scanning at 600 dpi

Image Access’ WideTEK 24F Desktop Flatbed Scanner

Image Access (Elgin, Illinois) has released its new WideTEK 24F Flatbed Scanner that can complete scans in just 4 seconds! As with all Image Access scanners, the PC is included inside the scanner and the scanner is fully functional without any costly external software running on an additional PC. “While the nearest competitor needs 18 seconds for a full scan at 600 dpi, the WideTEK 24F completes the same scan in 4 seconds and then, just one second later, it has already performed image clean-up, compression and transfer to anywhere in the network,” said the company. Its compact, scratch-resistant, hardened anti-gloss glass surface stretches across the entire scanning area and there are no obstructions in the way, even for the largest objects being scanned. Optional PerfectStitch Software seamlessly stitches together partial scans of documents that can be as large as 36 inches by 24 inches.

Image Access’ revolutionary LF-CIS (Long Focal Contact Image Sensor) technology comes with an extended focal range “nearly 8 times greater than any other CIS flatbed scanner,” said the OEM. With this extended focal range, users can scan non-flat items at higher resolutions. Newly developed dual RGB lights with a high quality diffusor “guarantee a colour gamut and accuracy close to the company’s CCD scanner WideTEK 25, which is the industry benchmark for flatbed scanners.” With dimensions only 70% of the height and 60% of the width compared to its closest competitor, the WideTEK 24F easily fits on nearly any desktop. It also features a removable and height-adjustable lid that can accommodate “almost all objects” – including documents, photos, artwork, books, or anything that doesn’t exceed the maximum allowed load of 10 kg or 22 lbs. Plus, the drive train of the scanner uses an extremely accurate spindle drive, “guaranteeing an accuracy of +-0,3mm along the entire scanning length.” This resolution accuracy is ideal for many quality-control applications such as scanning solder paste stencils. The telecentric nature of the scanner’s long focal Selfoc Lenses, eliminate any stitching artefact issues – even with non-flat, scanned objects.

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