Esko unveils new CDI Crystal 4260 XPS, PlateHandler and PlateFeeder-S

Esko CDI Crystal 4260 XPS Platemaker

Esko has launched its latest plate-making solution – the CDI Crystal 4260 XPS. Delivering more automation, enhanced quality, increased simplicity and improved reliability, the 4260 XPS can be operated with just one hour of training via a single-touch operation using an intuitive screen interface that also enables unattended operation. Award-winning Esko XPS Crystal technology combines UV main and back exposure using LEDs that always emit consistent UV light, as opposed to traditional exposure frames that use light bulbs with fluctuating output, said the company. The CDI Crystal 4260 XPS can reduce manual steps by 50% and errors by 50% to create less plate waste – in addition to reducing operator time by as much as 73% according to Esko.

Further driving productivity, Esko hs also introduced its PlateHandler – a robotic device connecting the CDI Crystal imager with the XPS Crystal exposure unit. Integrating the Esko PlateHandler into the system can reduce the number of press-operator touchpoints, freeing up to 50% of their time to attend to other tasks such as quality control, plate storage and plate mounting. Similarly, the new Esko PlateFeeder-S enables safe, distortion-free transportation of plates, avoiding possible damage when transferred manually from storage to the CDI Crystal 4260 XPS. The table can also be tilted to pass through doors and docked onto the CDI to ensure precise plate positioning and digital connection. Its cover sheet can be removed to provide free access from all sides without static-charge. Combining the CDI Crystal 4260 XPS with the PlateHandler and PlateFeeder-S yields a complete platemaking automation system that can increase overall platemaking productivity by up to 15%, said Esko.

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