Cremer releases HQ Series of counting and packaging machines

The Cremer HQ Series for specific packaging applications.

Cremer (Lisse, The Netherlands) has unveiled its new servo-driven HQ Series of counting and dispensing machines that provide “100% accuracy” for packaging of confectionery items and non-food products such as medical parts, hardware and detergent pouches. The compact, three-model counting machines can be placed atop a packaging machine for bag-filling, or over a conveyor belt for precise discharge of product counts into cartons, boxes, tubs or tins.

Counting products by the piece is the most cost-effective option to weighing and pick-and-place systems, as accuracy isn’t affected by small weight variations between pieces. Optical counting also guarantees that net contents’ count is 100% accurate. Output is up to 5,500 pieces or 175 units (discharges) per minute.





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