Significans Automation launches customized workflow services

Toronto-based Significans Automation (formerly Myrpress Consulting), a newly formed global company, has unveiled its prepress custom workflow automation solutions. Using industry-leading systems such as Esko Automation Engine, Enfocus and others, the company creates sophisticated, customized automation workflow modules that reflect individual user needs and integrate seamlessly into other systems. Its services enable unmanned production environments that take advantage of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. “Many service providers in the graphics industry are struggling for profitability,” said Marc Raad, Executive VP. “It’s also clear that we’re in a pre-robotic era and that robotics and AI are expected to become the norm very soon. The only way to become profitable in this scenario is to automate workflows so printers can take advantage of all that AI and robotic applications have to offer.” Raad also pointed out that some pre-configured software systems may not meet the needs of printers or don’t integrate easily with existing workflows. “Of about 100,000 workflow systems installed globally, most are underutilized and the scope of automation is limited by minimal customization. Only about 7% of global placements have a significant level of sophisticated customization,” he said. Mircea Petrescu, Significans CEO and CTO added: “We adopted reverse-engineering methods to create advanced levels of automation in our customers’ facilities. We’ve seen up to 90% savings in time and potentially an 800% increase in productivity. In certain situations, we can replace many hours of labour with as little as 2-8 minutes of automated tasks.”
Significans Automation can create customized systems that reflect the unique circumstances, production needs and markets of printers, graphic arts service providers. “Each one can expect an entirely integrated “lights out,” prepress operation that automates labour-intensive jobs, identifies and eliminates barriers to enhanced productivity, and facilitate robotics and robotic workflows in the future,” the company added. “Our analysts and developers produce results that far exceed the capabilities of any in-house IT team, and, unlike other third-party integrators, Significans Automation is focused solely on the graphic arts industry. Clients will benefit from short customer engagements and faster delivery.” In addition to custom workflow development, including color management, Significans Automation will provide prepress training and business integration services.
About Significans Automation. Significans Automation Inc. was established in 2018 by a team of graphic arts experts who share more than 100 years’ of combined experience between them. The company is led by Marc Raad, Executive Vice President, and Mircea Petrescu, CEO and CTO. It’s built on foundations laid by Myrpress Consulting Inc., a consultancy that Petrescu founded in 2012 to develop automated, customized workflows, and which serviced a large customer base in 27 countries worldwide. Raad is an accomplished business, management and sales leader with more than 25 years of success in software and hardware sales, business development and marketing. He’s an acknowledged global expert in developing and growing the graphic arts market for leading global brands like Esko and HP, where he was recognized for his outstanding performance in the upper levels of the top 1% sales achievers. His expertise spans all areas of graphic arts from press, digital printing, prepress label and converting and packaging processes.
Petrescu, is a globally recognized G7 expert for colour management and process optimization with more than 30 years’ experience in all facets of the graphic arts industry. Prior to founding Significans Automation he developed some of the earliest advanced automation prepress systems in the industry, achieving efficiencies exceeding 800% for leading brands. Petrescu is considered by many industry suppliers as a technology innovator and visionary and has been recognized for his excellence and expertise by leading software companies and color-management organizations.

Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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