Ricoh releases Ink Estimator Tool for its continuous-feed inkjet presses

The Ricoh Pro VC70000 Continuous-Feed Inkjet Press.

Following the launch of Ricoh’s Extended Gamut Ink that can print directly on coated stocks, Ricoh Europe subsequently developed existing measurement tools to include the ink’s wide colour gamut. Ricoh’s unique droplet sizes deliver benefits when it comes to print quality but, until now, posed a challenge for accurately estimating ink usage. The retrofittable software enables more effective reporting and job costing, and calculates:

  • Total ink usage for a print file or job.
  • Total ink cost for a print file or job.
  • Flushing Pages Summary – page count of before/during/after printing flushing pages.

In addition, the tool includes a ‘virtual printer’ using the same digital front end (DFE) as a production printer, allowing it to act as a soft-proofing device. It can be used as an application-testing tool to validate whether an application will run, and what it’ll look like when it’s printed. The technology also aids tuning and modifies settings to ensure that files print smoothly. The Ricoh Ink Estimator Tool for the Pro VC60000 and Pro VC70000 Inkjet Presses is now available in Europe. We’ll alert you when it becomes available in Canada.

Clive Stringer.

“The Ricoh Ink Estimator Tool delivers production-cost transparency while also ensuring that files are print-ready,” said Clive Stringer, Director of Continuous-Feed and High End Software Sales, Commercial Printing Group, Ricoh Europe. “With this highly intuitive tool, print service providers can accurately calculate ink usage in advance of production, for a very clear picture of their costs. They can also soft-proof work to eliminate test print costs and reduce waste.”

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