Profectus releases Printing Industry Financial Ratios & Best Practices Software

Profectus (Sarasota, Florida), a business management consulting firm that helps printing and packaging companies, has released its new Financial Ratios Advisor & Best Practices Software. Financial Ratios Advisor evaluates a company’s financial information and provides insights into a shop’s overall health. It uses over 100 quantitative industry-specific ratios and benchmarks to measure liquidity, operations, efficiency, solvency, profitability, business practices, and other key financial performance ratios. Printing and packaging companies simply enter their financial statement, balance sheet, and other information into easy-to-use online forms. The software then performs a detailed analysis of the financial data and generates numerous financial reports about the company’s financial condition and areas that need attention, while recommending strategies for improving profitability. Companies can enter multiple years of financial data and compare the performance of their company to prior years. Financial Ratios Advisor runs in the cloud, so there’s no software to install and companies get their results immediately.

“Many business owners look at just gross sales or net income, but those figures can only tell a business so much,” said Profectus President Craig Press. “Financial Ratios Advisor helps companies read between the lines, providing insights from seemingly insignificant numbers. It analyzes virtually every financial aspect of a business, including profitability, factory costs, labour costs, overhead costs, cash flow, receivables, efficiency, staffing, inventory, business practices, and other critical attributes.” Financial Ratios Advisor is also valuable for securing a loan or line-of-credit with a bank, establishing credit with suppliers, providing management incentives, pursuing investors, and engaging outside business analysts and consultants, Profectus added.

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