Pitney Bowes unveils new sending technologies in Canada for the new normal

Pitney Bowes (Stamford, Connecticut), a global technology company that provides commerce solutions in the areas of e-commerce, shipping, mailing and financial services, has announced new digital sending technologies that are available to Canadian businesses for the first time. The new solutions include a SaaS-based sending platform, SendPro Enterprise, for larger organizations adapting to remote working while wanting to improve cost control and visibility with detailed analytics. A new Intelligent Locker solution facilitates zero-touch, contactless delivery – ideal for organizations (including retailers and universities under pressure to meet growing parcel-delivery demands), while minimizing face-to-face interactions. For smaller businesses, SendPro Online has extended its multi-carrier capabilities to increase choices and generate savings with the addition of Canadian carrier Purolator. “Over a billion parcels are shipped from Canada each year – that’s more than 2,000 every minute,” said Bill Mackrell, Pitney Bowes General Manager for Canada. “As Canadian businesses continue to feel the shock waves from the impact of the pandemic, they need strategies to manage this rising parcel volume and meet customer expectations, while containing costs. These new technologies help businesses of all sizes solve mail and parcel shipping challenges with innovation that will truly make a difference.”

The new solutions include SendPro Enterprise for firms adapting to remote working while wanting to control costs.

Recently, Pitney Bowes polled over 200 medium-sized and large-sized Canadian businesses to uncover their current shipping challenges. A third of the businesses surveyed were challenged by the ability to enable employees to ship remotely. Twenty-eight percent found it difficult to track outgoing packages across remote locations. SaaS-based sending platform SendPro Enterprise enables businesses to overcome these challenges, the company pointed out. New to businesses in Canada, the software consolidates all shipping activities and costs across the entire organization in a single, detailed analytics dashboard, providing complete visibility and cost control. The company added that SendPro Enterprise is ideal for organizations with multiple locations and remote employees, bringing multi-carrier shipping to every employee’s desktop, regardless of their location.
Thirty-one percent of businesses in the Pitney Bowes poll were challenged by the ability to offer 24/7 contactless pick-up. Pitney Bowes’ Intelligent Locker solutions facilitate this. Optimized for mobile and powered by cloud-based parcel management software, they offer contactless pick-up and delivery with sophisticated functionality, eliminating the need for package recipients to collect parcels from mail centres, thus minimizing physical interactions and helping to meet safety requirements. For small-sized and medium-sized Canadian businesses with remote workers, all-in-one shipping platform SendPro Online (which currently includes Canada Post, UPS and FedEx) now has extended multi-carrier functionality with the addition of Purolator. One of Canada’s leading courier, freight and logistics companies, the addition of Purolator to SendPro Online gives users access to a broader range of carriers, services and rates.

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