New Maxson technology allows cutter-knife tuning during sheeter operation

An innovative approach integrated within its dual-knife rotary cutter by Maxson Automatic Machinery Company (Westerly, Rhode Island), a specialist in print substrate cutting and sheeting machinery, now allows an operator to make adjustments to the cross-cutting knives while the Maxson Sheeter is operating. This feature provides the benefit of cleaning the cut edges of the sheet without stopping the machine, as well as improving operator safety. In this sheeter design, the cutting section includes knives mounted in the upper and lower rotating cylinders. Using the exclusive clash arrangement, the sheeter operator can safely adjust the cross-cutting blades while the cutter is running by transversely shifting the upper cylinder across the width of the cutter to increase (or decrease) clash. This allows the operator to improve overall cut quality while running the sheeter.

By turning the clash adjustment, the upper knife revolver can be incrementally moved.

By turning the clash adjustment, the upper knife revolver can be incrementally moved using a fine-threaded progression. Moving the top cylinder in against the bottom revolver has the effect of increasing knife overlap, thus compensating for blade wear. Moving the upper revolver back out has the effect of backing away the interference between the two blades when cutting thicker materials. Since this adjustment is done without stopping the machine, the design allows the operator to react to cut-quality issues as they actually occur – without the time-consuming process of stopping the sheeter and tuning the cross-cutting blades.

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