Maxson releases precision sheeter for industrial papers

Maxson’s MSP Sheeter.

Converters of kraft, newsprint and specialty papers that utilize sheeted master sizes, and then have them guillotine-trimmed to finished dimensions, can significantly increase productivity and reduce waste with the Maxson MSP Sheeter, said OEM Maxson Automatic Machinery Company (Westerly, Rhode Island). Available in widths up to 65″ (1651 mm), the sheeter can run at speeds up to 1,000 fpm (308 mpm) while cutting up to 6 webs of newsprint. Outfitted with a dual motor drive system that maintains + 0.015” (+ 0.38 mm) cutoff accuracy, length changes are inputted via a keypad “dramatically reducing set-up time.”
The sheeter’s compact size requires minimal floor space, only one operator, and lengths up to 65″ (1,651 mm) can be sheeted. Equipped with air-loaded slitters designed for heavy-grade knife weights, the MSP Sheeter can accommodate multiple rolls of paper wrinkle-free, and precisely produce up to 5 piles across the width of the machine. “Makereadies on the sheeter are quick, safe and accurate,” the company added.

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