Infigo releases free workpack on how to make the most of a web-to-print system

Infigo Software (Crawley, England) is offering a collection of assets called the #SuccessfulWebToPrint Hands-On Kit. As the name suggests, it includes materials that will help users achieve a successful web-to-print implementation. Broken down into four insightful segments (downloadable workbooks, a webinar recording, case study videos and reading material), the kit is free and can be requested by completing the online form on Infigo’s website. The content was based on an educational session led by Greg Young, Infigo Software Customer Success Director, at the Indigo Academy, hosted by HP last year, to an audience that was eager to expand its knowledge on how to make the most of their online system. Young presented solutions to the most common issues that companies encounter when implementing a new platform, as well as a 4-step guide for an effective implementation. Following the positive feedback, Infigo decided to produce and share a complete guide to a wider audience, with videos and materials that aim to steer both newcomers to the industry and experienced industry veterans in the right direction to successfully implement a web-to-print solution.

Greg Young.

“We are passionate about all things web-to-print, especially when it comes to helping customers and industry peers make the most of their systems,” Young added. “With over 10 years of hands-on experience, we’ve been involved in numerous projects and have built up an established knowledge base – including the most common pitfalls and the best way to progress with an implementation effectively,” he added.
The kit includes:

  • Downloadable workbooks: Printable workbooks that will help users audit their current position and create a plan for an effective implementation.
  • Webinar recording: Infigo Software founder and MD Douglas Gibson explains a 4-step implementation process, with helpful tips for a successful execution.
  • Reading material: This whitepaper explores how web-to-print can help businesses grow in the post-Covid world.
  • Case studies: Two Infigo Software customers share their views and insights about web-to-print and how it’s helping drive revenue to their businesses.

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