EFI unveils new Fiery DFE for Ricoh Pro 8200 Series

Ricoh Pro 8200S Press.
Ricoh Pro 8200S B&W Production Printer.

Electronics For Imaging has launched a new EFI Fiery Digital Front End (DFE) that delivers the latest Fiery technology to increase performance and productivity on the Ricoh Pro 8200 Series of black-and-white production printers. The new EFI Fiery EB-34 DFE is built on the latest Fiery FS200 Pro platform and “delivers superior image quality in monochrome printing.” Advanced job management and make-ready tools streamline the print process with automated workflows. The new Fiery DFE also offers:

  • Fiery Command WorkStation with an intuitive, centralized user interface that allows users to manage all Fiery-driven monochrome and colour printers in a seamless and tightly integrated workflow.
  • Fiery Grayscale Calibration that ensures consistent and optimal image reproduction by automatically measuring and enhancing tonal variances.
  • Optional Fiery ImageViewer for Black and White – a full-resolution raster preview tool with the ability to make black curve adjustments to maintain output consistency between multiple devices.
  • Optional Fiery Impose and Fiery JobMaster visual make-ready tools that streamline complex tasks – giving users more power and flexibility in imposition, tab insertion and design, page-level ticketing, finishing, scanning and late-stage editing.
  • John Fulena.
    John Fulena.

    Connection to Fiery Navigator, a cloud-based digital print management platform for Fiery-driven digital production presses.
  • Powerful integration to EFI Productivity Suites to establish certified, end-to-end workflows.

“The Ricoh Pro 8200 series empowers printers to produce a wide variety of applications very quickly and efficiently,” said John Fulena, Vice President of the Production Printing Business Group at Ricoh USA. “The new EFI Fiery EB-34 DFE helps customers drive productivity, so they can minimize their prep time while maintaining close control over production management steps – to help ensure exceptional results with this latest monochrome addition to our production print portfolio.”

John Henze.
John Henze.

“EFI continues to deploy its 20 years of developing industry-leading Fiery technology to the new Ricoh Pro 8200 Series black-and-white print engines,” said John Henze, Vice President of Fiery Marketing at EFI. “Ricoh customers can achieve more without compromise using reliable EFI Fiery technology. With the new DFE offering, users gain a robust and unified digital print workflow that streamlines all aspects of their production — from job submission, job set-up, make-ready, and automation, to scheduling, invoicing and fulfillment.”

Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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