99 designs predicts top branding design trends for 2021

Retro Futurism and Seamless Surrealism were two of the 11 design trends for 2021 identified in a recent 99dedigns survey.

Whether you’re a marketer launching new products in the year ahead, or you’re considering a brand makeover, it’s helpful to know what the top branding design trends for 2021 will be. For example, what colours, fonts, logo styles and packaging trends will be hot next year? For its Annual Graphic Design Trends Forecast, 99designs (San Francisco, California) gathered opinions from its global community of graphic designers for their predictions of what should be popular in 2021. Some of the hottest trends to look for in the coming year will include:

  • Abstract Psychedelia. In 2021, graphic designers will be reviving psychedelia through the use of ‘excessive’ colour and intensely intricate abstractions.
  • Symbol Revival. The power of classic symbols lies in their ability to transcend language. Designers will be leveraging this power in 2021 to create aspirational icons of resilience, growth and empowerment.
  • Retro Futurism. This style expresses an optimism through an emphasis on bright colours, computer-inspired typography, and curves – from fishbowl space helmets to arches and domes.
  • Seamless Surrealism. Graphic designers are expressing anxiety through surrealist collages, where images that would be normal separately, become strange when combined. For example, an apple-headed man can be ordinary from the neck down, and a backyard swimming pool can contain an entire mountain range!

These are just a sampling of some of the 11 fascinating trends in store for us in 2021, according to opinions from a wide range of design professionals. For more information and to discover the other 7 trends, please visit the 99designs website.

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