SAi launches Flexi MUTCD Collection for traffic sign creation and printing

SA International (SAi – Salt Lake City, Utah), a leading provider of software solutions for the signmaking, digital printing, textile and CNC machining industries, has unveiled its SAi Flexi MUTCD Collection for traffic signage creation and printing. Characterized by SAi as “the most comprehensive Traffic Asset Collection available,” it provides users with the graphic assets needed to create roadway signs that conform to government-mandated and industry-mandated sign standards. Available through a digital download, the new digital collection includes regulatory signs, warning signs, temporary traffic control signs, recreational and cultural area signs, pedestrian signs, school signs and more. Most importantly, the collection is fully compatible with SAi Flexi software. The files come in a native Flexi (.FS) file format so they’re easily editable and can be sent to production with just a few clicks.

Additional features in the new collection include:

• Complete FHWA Series 2000 Edition Font Collection

• Complete Clearview Series Font Collection

• Bézier curves

• Artwork layers

• All typefaces conform to FHWA specifications

• Sign colours also conform to FHWA specifications

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