Kornit introduces Atlas Max Poly for polyester and polyester-blended apparel printing

Kornit Atlas MAX Poly

Kornit Digital (Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel), a market leader in sustainable on-demand digital fashion and textile production, has introduced its new Kornit Atlas MAX Poly system – an “industry-first direct-to-garment (DTG) solution delivering superior-quality digital decoration for vibrant, colourful designs on polyester and poly-blended apparel.” The new system capitalizes on the demand for fashionable, unique sportswear and apparel. “As the industry emerges from a post-pandemic environment in which athletic and leisurewear became mainstream, there’s increasing demand for apparel combining polyester and poly-blends with vivid designs across a range of colours,” the company added. Expected availability is in the second quarter of 2022.

The Atlas MAX Poly incorporates Kornit’s field-proven MAX technology for high-quality premium decoration, process automation and smart autonomous quality control. With Kornit’s XDi decorative applications, the Atlas MAX Poly “enables endless designs and creativity” on polyester, and empowers new styles for multiple effects and unlimited combinations – such as emulating threadless embroidery, high-density vinyl, screen transfer emulations, and 3D effects. The solution is compatible with mesh and plain fabrics (including brushed polyester), while maintaining durability and breathability. It brings “the highest throughput” for on-demand polyester decoration, reducing total cost of ownership to drive profitability. Customers gain competitive advantages via Pantone colour-matching and a wide colour gamut – including neon colours for bright and vibrant impressions – using single-step mechanisms that minimize production footprints while maximizing versatility.

End-to-end polyester production includes Kornit’s ActiveLoad automated garment-loading and pallet adjustment for repeatable, high-quality output with minimal errors, reducing time and waste, eliminating operator ramp-up and boosting throughput “by up to 20%.” Seamless integration with KornitX Global Fulfillment Network, enables a “pixel-to-parcel-to-doorstep experience.” Integration with KornitX’s workflow ecosystem and Kornit Konnect dashboard, optimizes process visibility and control, adding data-driven insights for improved production-floor efficiency.

Omer Kulka

“Kornit Atlas MAX Poly is a game-changer,” said Omer Kulka, Chief Marketing Officer at Kornit Digital. “As fashion and sports apparel merge, there’s new opportunities for innovative fashions on polyester, one of the fastest-growing textile verticals. For the first time, recreational sportswear, promotional and sports brands can embrace vibrant and colourful design with Kornit’s proven MAX technology – setting superior quality standards for on-demand production previously not possible.”

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