Ultimate unveils BetterPDF re-engineered files for better production efficiency

Ultimate TechnoGraphics (Montreal), an industry leader in imposition and finishing automation software, has launched BetterPDF, a new module for Ultimate Impostrip Scalable. Ultimate BetterPDF was developed as a solution to the common challenge of problematic, deficient PDF files that can become a bottleneck in the imposition and ripping process, reduce production output speed, or sometimes not output or print at all. These files are typically large and may have structural issues not visible to the eye that can ‘choke’ any press. Ultimate BetterPDF re-engineers PDF files to the specific requirements of the target output device via a series of user-defined options. Multiple configurations can be created as a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ approach for a fully automated and scalable workflow.

Andrew Bailes-Collins

“Internal testing with real-world customer problem files has shown some impressive increases in speed,” said Andrew Bailes-Collins, Head of Product Management at Ultimate TechnoGraphics. “This was not only during the imposition phase, but also in the speed of the subsequent Rip/DFE (Digital Front End) processing, making Ultimate BetterPDF an essential tool for print-service providers with very large, problematic files.” Ultimate went on to say that printers are faced with the daily challenge of meeting fast turnaround times that are sometimes contractual to meet mailing deadlines. They’re usually not the creators of the file and therefore need a late-stage PDF re-engineering tool to help them produce efficiently and maximize the use of their press and get more jobs out the door. Ultimate BetterPDF is built into Ultimate Impostrip Scalable as optional processing modules available on Windows 64 Bit, macOS Arm, and Intel processors.

Julie Watson

“Most customer files we receive are simply too large for standard PDF fixing such as preflighting,” said Julie Watson, CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics. “Our customers needed a solution further down the workflow that could efficiently address large files and re-engineer them specifically to the requirements of Impostrip Scalable – and ultimately the press they are being sent to. This is exactly what we are delivering with Ultimate BetterPDF.” 

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