Cober boosts print-on-demand revenue by 20% with Infigo software

Erwin Driever

Canadian leader Cober Printing (Kitchener and Barrie, Ontario) has increased its print-on-demand revenue by 20% in just 18 months after adopting Tharstern’s Infigo web-to-print software platform. Despite offering web-to-print services through a number of providers for 15 years, Cober switched to Infigo in April of 2020 due to its clients’ increasingly complex demands. “We required a highly responsive web-to-print system capable of supporting enhanced demands for highly complex variable-data composition,” said Erwin Driever, VP of Technology at Cober. “However, we also wanted a user-friendly interface that could easily integrate with our other systems. Our research led us to Infigo, and we all felt that this was the best solution for our current requirements and future needs.”

By integrating Infigo with Cober’s MIS (as well as its internal workflow, automation, payment and shipping systems) Cober can now receive orders, take payments, manufacture and ship orders – all with minimal human intervention. “The ability to provide end-to-end manufacturing and shipping, with as few touches as possible, provides benefits such as faster response, quicker turnaround times, efficient manufacturing and timely shipping,” Driever added. “Infigo’s web-to-print software has positively impacted our business. We’ve been able to increase our web-to-print portal presence by more than 10% during these crazy pandemic times, adding new, better and more responsive functionality that we previously couldn’t offer.”

Cober’s initial plan was to migrate all its existing web-to-print portals to the Infigo platform directly after implementation and training. By accomplishing this task, they knew they would become more efficient by managing all of their web-to-print portals from a single platform. However, Driever admitted this transition hasn’t been as smooth as the company was anticipating, due to the staggering increase in demand for their web-to-print services. “We were slowed down due to interest from new customers in our web-to-print services, all based on what the Infigo solution could provide, while we continue migrating existing sites to Infigo. And we’ve been fortunate to acquire and onboard a number of new clients from some major brands, resulting in an increase in revenue in our on-demand pillar by 15%-20%,” he pointed out.

Douglas Gibson

Douglas Gibson, CEO of Infigo, said he isn’t surprised by the return on investment Cober is generating. “I’m often asked if we hype up the potential returns of investing in web-to-print. However, the proof is in the pudding. E-commerce isn’t going anywhere. B2B e-commerce in particular is forecast to grow by more than 18% by 2028. So I’m not surprised that Cober has been so successful in growing revenue and landing major new clients. Infigo is not a company that would sell a platform, then just leave the customer to get on with it. We act as genuine partners, supporting our clients with whatever they need to develop new print revenue streams, and we couldn’t be more pleased with what Cober has achieved so far. Cober has been in business for 100 years. I doubt I’ll be around to see it, but by partnering with Infigo we’re helping them set the foundations for the next century. I can’t wait to see the returns they generate using our platform over the coming years.”

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