Soda rolls out latest version of its PDF editing software – Soda12

Soda PDF (Montreal) has launched a “completely revamped” version of its award-winning PDF software – Soda12. The goal, said the company, is to further provide businesses and individuals alike with solutions not only geared towards effectively managing documents remotely, but for providing these users with easy-to-use software that can be accessed from anywhere. “Soda PDF is still the only player to offer all relevant PDF editing functionality on desktop and online,” said James Dobrofsky, Senior Product Manager for Soda PDF. “All of these improvements will be available online, and we still do the best job in offering the full amount of editing features, and offer them in a flexible way. If you want to use desktop or online from any operating system, we’re the best software for your document needs,” he added. Soda now offers Desktop or Online plans to its tools and services, along with a newly designed 360 product for users in need of both online and offline access.

James Dobrofsky.

“It’s the modernization of the PDF workflow, so to speak,” Dobrofsky, added. “We went module by module, feature by feature and screen by screen, improving the user experience.” Soda PDF’s “newest, most user-friendly software version yet” includes hundreds of improvements to the look and feel of its easy-to-use, powerful tools and services. Most notably, the software has improved its user interface, Soda PDF E-Sign functionality, and now has “the fastest PDF-to-Office converter on the market. We did significantly improve E-Sign in Soda 12. We really wanted to create better workflows and that meant critically looking at how the software was stitched together and how people use it. So, the goal was to come up with a software and a better user experience that works for new users and/or for power users – and so we approached it that way,” Dobrofsky pointed out.

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