Nobelus launches new films for prime labels

Nobelus (Knoxville, TN), a leading U.S. laminating film and equipment supplier to commercial printers, has introduced a new portfolio of unsupported films specifically designed for the prime label industry. Extending its finishing options for commercial print into prime labels, the Nobelus product team conducted extensive research and testing to bring label converters a wide range of finishes compatible with various post-laminate processes.

“Nobelus has worked extremely hard over the last year to build a portfolio of new label-stock materials to add to our current product offerings,” said Tom Snooks, Film Product Manager for Nobelus. “In addition to these new products, the unsupported films we have offered over the years, such as Karess and ScuffProof, are now available in sizes that are conducive to the label market.” Karess HE, a lower-friction Karess Film, is especially useful for label converters who prioritize efficiency and machineability, but still want a haptic appeal. We are very excited to provide everything from standard, everyday films to unique holographic finishes.” Nobelus distributes a variety of specialty laminates and films along with quality laminating systems. The company serves a wide range of clients across the print, publishing, photography, packaging and prime-label markets.

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