Baumer launches new hot-melt adhesive system from for e-commerce boxes

Baumer’s new Hot Melt System

The new hot melt system from Baumer hhs (Krefeld, Germany) for e-commerce boxes is ideal for applying pressure-sensitive adhesives on corrugated cardboard and other delivery packaging materials with pressure-sensitive, adhesive closures. In making the announcement, the company pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic has increased global demand for e-commerce boxes and other delivery packaging sealed with pressure-sensitive adhesives. “Boxes containing purchased items typically are sealed with adhesive strips that are applied by hot-melt systems and then covered with silicone tape. These pressure-sensitive adhesive closures securely seal the packaging. As market leader for these applications, Baumer hhs aims to further improve its already successful system, simplify operation while increasing process reliability,” the OEM added.

Andreas Schneiders

Today’s e-commerce market has imposed increasing demands on the quality of pressure-sensitive adhesive applications, explained Andreas Schneiders, Corrugated Business Development Manager at Baumer hhs. “Baumer hhs is launching an improved hot-melt system for applying pressure-sensitive adhesive on corrugated and cardboard surfaces that achieves consistent application quality and a high melt rate. It supports the production of premium quality e-commerce boxes and delivery packaging with pressure-sensitive adhesive closures that will dramatically increase the reliability of the shipping process in online trade,” he added. The new hot melt system has a melt rate of ³100 kg/h with pressure-sensitive adhesives, meaning it offers “the highest level of efficiency on the market.” Another highlight is the special application head, designed specifically for these applications. In combination with a new volumetric flow controller, it guarantees unique performance at maximum production speeds.

The complete turnkey solution for packaging producers includes energy-efficient melter, high-performance application head, controller, product guide and durable mount with precision settings. When it comes to the silicone strip applicators, Baumer hhs basically leaves the choice to its customers. A silicone strip applicator supplied by Baumer hhs partner Enpro, is integrated in the hot-melt system and can also be used to control it. Alternatively, the system can be integrated into all common controllers from Baumer hhs. The hot melt system’s cast tank, which comes with a non-stick coating as standard, guarantees uncompromising safety even at the high melt rate of ³100 kg/h. The system is also flexible and configurable. A variety of nozzles are available for the application head. The masks can be adapted to individual needs to produce different application patterns depending on the type of packaging being produced. “Even with this level of flexibility, the system still meets the highest demands on pressure-sensitive adhesive application on corrugated and cardboard,” the company added.

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