New London Communications installs world’s first HP Indigo 15K Digital Press

New London Communications (Alpharetta, Georgia), a multi-channel communications specialist, is now the world’s first HP Indigo 15K Digital Press print service provider, installing the new press to expand its digital services with the technological advances offered by the new 29-inch-format HP Indigo. Selected as the first beta site for the new press announced in the HP Indigo drupa portfolio, the HP Indigo 15K HD Digital Press with built-in HD imaging, is now providing New London with a huge upgrade in its digital print capabilities. As the company continues its digital transformation, moving from a 19-inch format HP Indigo to the new B2 HP Indigo 15K platform, it will also decommission a half-sized offset press. The B2 HP Indigo 15K press sets higher quality standards with new high definition HD print modes, support for thick substrates and new inks – expanding the application possibilities of the market-leading HP Indigo 10000 series. The new HP Indigo 15K also supports New London’s sustainability goals by enabling its customers to choose environmentally conscious print products.

Eric Rountree.

“We are excited we can reduce waste with expanded digital capabilities, while providing shorter runs without diminishing offset image quality,” said Eric Rountree, New London Communications owner. “The HD heads on the HP Indigo 15K offer us the opportunity to never have to discuss if we are using digital or offset. My vision would be to continue to build on these digital platforms, as HP continues to get higher speeds. It’s hard not to imagine that our digital transformation won’t continue.” New London is continually upgrading its HP Indigo digital capabilities, having owned an HP Indigo 5500, followed by an HP Indigo 7R, and is now moving exclusively to the HP Indigo 15K HD Press. The shop also operates an HP Latex R2000 Flatbed. For New London, the mission-critical colour capabilities of the HP Indigo 15K HD Digital Press will also enable it to deliver exact colour specifications for key corporate clients in the flooring and carpeting business.
The new HP Indigo 15K Digital Press.

HP PrintOS Color Beat installed on the press has also opened up a new automated G7 Certification from Idealliance, recently granting G7 AI Master Calibration System Certification to commercial HP Indigo Digital Presses. At the click of a button, HP Indigo press owners can submit for G7 Master Qualification, with no human intervention, to ensure consistent colour quality. “The Automated G7 Certification gives our customers the confidence that their colour is accurate and repeatable over any given time,” Rountree added. Characterized as the new HP Indigo “yes” press, The 15K brings new quality with HD printing and FM screens, and versatility enabled by a wider range of substrates, now offering additional options with up to 600 microns (24 pt.). New inks include ElectroInks Premium White and Invisible Yellow. New high definition FM stochastic screens support increased sharpness for halftone text.
The HP Indigo 12000 is also upgradeable to the new features of the HP Indigo 15K. The B2 sheet size opens up a much bigger portion of New London’s business for digital printing compared with the 19-inch HP Indigo 7R Digital Press. The company plans to offer such applications as window clings and folding-carton applications, in addition to extended photo applications. Founded as a print and fulfillment company, since 1986, New London has been adapting marketing communications technologies as it evolves strategically to meet the needs of its clients. You can watch the new press (time-lapse video) installation at New London right here: Watch.

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