Neenah releases Explore 7 “Masterclass” promotion for small businesses

Explore 7 features core brands such as Neenah Classic, Environment, Royal Sundance, Astrobrights and Estate Label.

To demonstrate how far digital printing has advanced and the creative possibilities for any small-business project, Neenah (Alpharetta, Georgia) has released Explore 7, characterizing the promotional paper and substrate samples kit as a “Masterclass in digital printing and original creative design.” This seventh volume in Neenah’s series features samples of sustainable branding ideas for small, local retail businesses. “Explore 7 is a masterclass in digital printing, creative marketing and packaging design, featuring core brands such as Neenah Classic, Environment, Royal Sundance, Astrobrights and Estate Label,” said the company. Printed digitally using an HP Indigo 7900, the promotion bascially pushes the limits of this digital press’s capabilities. It showcases the new HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver metallic ink and several specialty printing techniques – including holographic foil and realistic foil-stamping and embossing utilizing variable data.
“Advances in digital print technology are revolutionizing the printing industry. It’s fast, flexible, and versatile,” said Katelyn Lueck, Associate Brand Manager, Commercial, for Neenah. “It’s the perfect solution for small retail businesses in need of creating beautifully designed branding and marketing materials in short-run quantities. The messaging of Explore 7 focuses on small and local businesses driving customer relationships through creative design and quality execution. Paper choice plays a substantive role in brand materials that positively impact sales. As these businesses begin reopening, they must have marketing support to help re-establish customer relationships,” Lueck added.
Digital printing allows designers and customers to do things they might not have the opportunity to do with traditional print. With digital printing, brands can review one-off comps throughout the process and make strategic changes on-press. Graphics and text are customizable to create personal connections with customers. Digital printing is also ideal for small business marketing requiring small print runs ,or start-ups looking for initial quantities of print materials such as packaging and labels, in-store signage, brochures, business cards, letterhead, menus, and much more.
Neenah’s Explore 7 also features a sea-worthy holographic foil on ESSE Papers, and a realistic foil-stamped and embossed rivet on Neenah Cotton Papers.

“Neenah has once again produced a significant tool that will advance HP Indigo customers’ abilities to grow their business,” said Yogev Barak, Head of Strategy and Business Development for HP Indigo. “Explore 7 provides a tactile and inspirational resource to showcase the capabilities of HP Indigo to support the groundswell of businesses reopening, and answer the call of this new, emerging market. Neenah’s beautiful and sustainable papers, combined with HP Indigo’s technology and unique inks, enable growth in packaging, display, direct mail, and all things necessary to get a business back up and running to meet the new normal,” Barak added.
Another aspect of the new promotion is the consideration of sustainably-focused branding in the retail marketplace. According to Neilson, “Over 50% of shoppers are influenced by key sustainability factors such as a company being environmentally friendly, or known for its commitment to social values.” The 100% original branding within Explore 7 also focuses on creative ways to highlight sustainability platforms such as shopping locally and sustainability through action, while using environmentally friendly materials such as paper to promote sustainability messaging.

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