Komori adds new Lithrone GX44RP and G44 Advance models

The Komori Lithrone G44 Sheetfed Offset Press.

Komori Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) has announced that new Lithrone GX44RP and G44 advance models have been added to its Lithrone GX and G Advance series of sheetfed offset presses. First announced in August of 2020, Lithrone GX and G Advance Presses were built to provide “a world-class Return on Investment” (ROI) and were launched that October. Now, the OEM’s Advance technology will be extended to two new 44-inch models in the Lithrone series. The Lithrone GX and G Advance presses deliver high productivity and print quality with easy operation. Based on the Connected Automation concept, strengthened collaboration, optimization between processes, and high-level automation with presets based on information from high-end systems, productivity improvements across the entire printing process were achieved. This level of integration is powered by Komori’s KP-Connect Pro.

The Lithrone G44 advance models capitalize on a unique format size to offer exceptionally high production for the packaging market. The 44-inch size is easy to handle and doesn’t require additional labour since the size is similar to a 40-inch press. It’s also extremely well suited for multiple imposition. For this reason, said Komori, it’s receiving renewed attention in the package printing market. With double-sided, one-pass printing built around a stable sheet transport, the Lithrone GX44RP advance also achieves high production for both light and heavy stocks. The Lithrone GX40 and G40 Advance, and the Lithrone GX40RP Advance models, as well as the Lithrone G37P Advance, all offer better ROI through high-speed, one-pass printing built around a compact, high-speed perfecting mechanism. The OEM began accepting orders of the new presses on March 1, 2021.

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