Kodak launches content portal for packaging executives

kodakcpo-inKodak has unveiled a new content portal, www.chiefpackagingofficer.com, targeted at elevating the strategic role of packaging within leading consumer packaged goods, retail and over-the-counter product firms. The site provides wide-ranging packaging news summaries, original blog posts from experts, whitepapers, eBooks on industry trends, best-practice case studies and interviews with packaging industry visionaries.
“The premise of our new site is that packaging today is a C-level conversation,” said Steven Overman, Kodak’s Chief Marketing Officer (pictured previously). “Today, packaging is increasingly tied to strategic initiatives and outcomes that impact brand reputation and ROI, but many brands still view packaging as simply a series of tactical steps and technical decisions. Through ChiefPackagingOfficer.com we are supporting our customers and the packaging industry in a way that shines the proper spotlight on the contribution of packaging to the success of an enterprise.” The portal is launching with nearly 200 articles, blog posts, eBooks and other resources, including a whitepaper making the case that responsibility for packaging should be elevated to a C-level executive, reporting to a CEO or CMO.

Joshua Fedeli, Publisher of ChiefPackagingOfficer.com.
Joshua Fedeli, Publisher of ChiefPackagingOfficer.com.

“The package is where innovation and a personal brand connection with the consumer come together to potentially improve a company’s results,” said Joshua Fedeli, Publisher of ChiefPackagingOfficer.com, and Director of Sales and accounts for the Kodak Design2Launch product portfolio (which is part of Kodak’s Software & Solutions Division). “By taking a provocative view of the value of packaging and providing useful content and a platform for engagement, ChiefPackagingOfficer.com provides a new and valuable industry resource. We encourage all packaging professionals to visit the site, send us feedback and ideas, and engage with us on this important topic.”

Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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