Xaar introduces Sure Flow self-cleaning print heads

Xaar (Cambridge, UK) has launched Sure Flow, its new ultrasonic self-cleaning mode, designed to help users “keep their printing at its very best without the need to remove the print head at any stage during the process.” By utilizing Xaar’s TF Ink-Recirculation Technology, a regularly maintained print head is extremely unlikely to block. However, external factors and challenging applications can create exceptionally harsh operational environments for inkjet printing, said the manufacturer. Sure Flow enables users to clear and prevent nozzle blockages without the need to remove the print head, maximizing operational print time for maximum productivity. Enabled by software, users simply activate the mode as required by adjusting the settings and loading a command file. This drives each channel to work at maximum power and frequency to create ultrasonic waves that produce controlled vibrations of the channel walls – without pausing production or needing to remove the print head.

Graham Tweedale

“By minimizing downtime and maintenance, Sure Flow can provide users with unrivalled reliability and enhanced productivity across the Xaar recirculating print head range,” said Graham Tweedale, General Manager of Xaar’s printhead business. ““Sure Flow is the latest development from Xaar that continues our focus on delivering practical innovation for our customers, helping them keep their print at its very best in even the harshest environments.” Xaar worked in collaboration with a number of customers and Sure Flow has already been tested in real-world operations worldwide. To date, feedback has been extremely positive, said the company. All Xaar recirculating print head users are invited to contact their representative or use the Xaar Community to gain access to the new Sure Flow mode.

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