New drying system offers no CO2 Emissions and lower energy costs than gas convection systems

For decades, fossil-fired convection driers and ovens have been used in most processing lines. Whether for flexo, gravure, heatset or screen-printing presses or wet-coating processing of adhesives, lacquering or infiltrations, hot-air driers have been the industry standard. Adphos’ new system – advanced Light Initiated Thermal Emission (aLITE) technology – is a high-performance photonic energy source that can be used in combination with integrated high-velocity controlled warm air impingement, ventilation and defined moisture suction.

Due to the almost instantaneous high energy and mass heat transfer, an extremely fast (within a fraction of a second) drying process with a minimal footprint results. Plus, adjustments can be made to relevant process variations (width, speed, coating type, water content, etc.) via defined and precise process parameter control. No heat-up or standby operation enables high productivity and process efficiency while generating no CO2 emissions. Additional significant cost savings can be realized from the system’s reduced space requirements, with an accompanying reduction in environmental and media supplies and treatments. Finally, aLITE can be applied for temperature-sensitive processes – such as printing and wet coating processing on plastic substrates, corrugated boards or polymer textiles.

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