Meteor Inkjet introduces world’s first Ricoh Thin-Film Printhead

Ricoh TH5241 Industrial Inkjet Thin-Film Piezo Printhead

UK-based Meteor Inkjet, a leading supplier of electronics, software, tools and services for industrial inkjet, hase further expands its product portfolio with drive electronics and software for Ricoh’s TH5241 Industrial Inkjet Printhead. The TH5241, Ricoh’s first SiMEMs thin-film piezo printhead, enables high resolution and productivity in an extremely compact, cost-effective package. Aimed primarily at entry-level scanning applications – including sign graphics, textiles and labels – the head features 1,280 nozzles in 4 separate channels so that a single head can jet up to 4 colours. Meteor’s HDC-R10 printhead drive electronics for the TH5241 are easily scalable to systems of any size and, coupled with Meteor’s comprehensive software, OEMs can significantly reduce the effort and risk associated with the design and delivery of industrial inkjet printers. Also available for the TH5241 are Meteor’s DropWatching System and printhead waveform development services to accelerate time-to-market for new inkjet applications.

Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson, Meteor Inkjet’s Sales Director, added: “Meteor electronics and software have been driving Ricoh printheads since 2011 and we are proud to add the TH5241 to our line-up. Meteor’s solutions provide the fastest and easiest way for OEMs to unlock the potential of these printheads.”

“With Meteor electronics and software, the TH5241 can be integrated into any production environment whether a CMYK desktop machine for t-shirts or countless other industrial applications,” said Richard Darling, Ricoh’s Strategic Business Development Manager. “Ricoh is delighted that Meteor is supporting this new printhead and we continue to prepare for further new developments, including the next SiMEMs product on our roadmap – the TH6310F.”

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