Koenig & Bauer announces a moderate price adjustment

Citing rising costs for raw materials, copper, plastics, additives, sheet metal and wood, OEM Koenig & Bauer has announced “a moderate price adjustment for its entire product portfolio.” The reduced availability of these materials, along with higher shipping and logistics costs, required the adjustment in prices. Another reason, said the German press manufacturer, is the global chip shortage, which is leading to reduced capacities and longer lead times for industrial customers.

Ralf Sammeck

“The price adjustment comes in an environment of increasingly scarce resources, and is a necessary step to enable us to continue offering our customers the quality, customized solutions and reliable service they expect from us,” said Ralf Sammeck, Member of the Executive Board at Koenig & Bauer. “The global challenges facing the industry will have to be mastered together in order to maintain our innovative strength.” Koenig & Bauer pointed out that the advanced technology of Koenig & Bauer’s highly automated presses – and their unique selling points in automation, faster maker-ready times and inline processes – bring economic benefits to users and enhance their future viability. “The moderate price increase enables further innovations and is thus an investment in the future of the industry,” said the company.

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