Boston Industrial launches Volta M1200 Pad-Printing Machine

Boston Industrial Solutions’ new Volta M1200 large-image pad-printing machine is a heavy-duty industrial, one-colour device for printing large images. It features a 140mm sealed ink cup for printing up to 130mm (5.1”) images, plus robust pad compression capabilities. The M1200 also features quick-release locking handles on pad and cup assemblies as well as an adjustable print table that enables the Volta M1200 to handle 18-inch-tall parts. It’s aimed at industrial, automotive, medical, footwear, textile, promotional, and contract printing one-colour applications. Like all Volta pad-printing machines, the M1200 is smooth and accurate with easily repeatable results. “It’s the ideal pad-printing equipment to complement our Natron pad-printing inks, including the TP Series of hybrid pad printing ink for coated metals and plastics,” said the OEM. The pad-printing machine comes with a user-friendly touch-control panel and a standard two-year warranty.

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