Goss Pacesetter Club members set new performance records

The Goss Pacesetter 2200 Saddlestitcher.
The Goss Pacesetter 2200 Saddlestitcher.

Outstanding productivity using Goss finishing equipment has now been achieved by 1,405 individual crews and earned them membership in the Goss Pacesetter Club. Established in 1997 to provide an incentive for achieving peak performance on Goss saddlestichers, adhesive binding systems and trimmers, the Goss Pacesetter Club admits new members each year as specific targets are met and as productivity records continue to be broken.
“We’ve seen our customers achieve up to 98% production capacity on our finishing systems,” said Tim Van Driessche, Goss Director of Commercial Sales. “These levels of productivity set standards for the whole industry and provide an important benchmark for print purchasers. They demonstrate excellence in areas other than raw performance – such as operator training, equipment maintenance and efficient workflow – by achieving Pacesetter Club criteria.”
Van Driessche added that submissions for club membership indicate that between 50% and 60% of Pacesetter machines installed in the past ten years are achieving these high performance levels. “To hit these levels of productivity demonstrates the longevity of the Pacesetter systems and the high, built-in value of installing one of these machines. There’s no doubt that the Pacesetter Club has contributed to companies setting their productivity goals higher. The number of printers that are qualifying clearly demonstrates the rising standards that can be achieved when working with first-class equipment.”

Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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