Free GWG Webinar: 10 Things You Should Know about Fonts in PDF (But Probably Don’t)

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG – Ghent, Belgium) has announced a new, free webinar. While PDF is a popular and exceptional file format for use in printing and graphic arts, and many ISO standards are built on its foundations, there are still areas in PDF that continue to be difficult and cause problems. The number one issue for many is often the use of fonts. The history of the development of fonts for graphic arts software is rich, and includes companies such as Adobe, Apple and Microsoft. Fonts are difficult because there are multiple types, and because they contain a lot of specialized terminology and knowledge. Without understanding the basics of fonts, it’s difficult to anticipate the problems that might arise from their use, said GWG.
So how can you better understand how fonts work and what types there are? What they’re built out of and what problems that might cause in PDF files? This webinar will attempt to explain the foundation of fonts. It will talk about different font types and their components – but also why those things lead to some of the error messages you might get while using fonts in PDF. Join GWG in this fascinating odyssey through the land of fonts. The organization has prepared 10 different topics to enlighten you. And of course, there’ll be time for your questions to be answered at the end. The free webinar 10 Things You Should Know about Fonts in PDF (But Probably Don’t) will take place online Wednesday, September 23, 2020 from 10 am to 11 am Eastern Standard Time.
The presenters. David van Driessche and Christian Blaise bring over 50 years of combined experience working with PDFs, automation, workflow and many more relevant subjects. Driessche is the Executive Director of the GWG and Co-Chair of the Specification Subcommittee. In his professional life, he’s also CTO of Four Pees, a Belgian value-added distributor for the graphic arts market. Blaise is the Marketing Officer of the GWG and Co-Chair of the Packaging Subcommittee. He also founded agileStreams, a consultancy in graphic arts built on years of experience of working with brandowners and printers.
Register for the webinar now – seats are limited! The Ghent Workgroup will use Gotowebinar to host this online event. To join, please reserve your place using the following link:

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