Free 3D Systems Whitepaper discusses scalable, digital molding process and Figure 4 3D Printing

Digital molding is a scalable 3D printing process that can increase the speed and simplicity of producing plastic parts, allowing designs to move from CAD to manufacturing without the use of tooling. However, it can make parts too complex for injection molding to handle. This disruptive technology – an excellent alternative for low-volume plastic parts production – is also the focus of the latest whitepaper by 3D Systems.

Tim Shinbara.

The company’s tool-less digital molding is backed by its configurable, modular Figure 4 manufacturing process, making it possible to facilitate parts design iterations on the spot, as well as increase product transitions without retooling. The company’s High-Speed Digital Molding Whitepaper also discusses the implications of digital molding on cost and product lifecycle management, in addition to revealing the results of its benchmarking study that compared the design and production of an automotive vent using traditional injection molding versus digital molding. Perspectives from industry expert Tim Shinbara, Vice President of the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), is also included. You can download the 3D Systems whitepaper for free here.

Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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