Epson recognized as a global leader on climate change

Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson – Tokyo, Japan) has been identified as a global leader for engaging with its suppliers on climate change, while being awarded a position on the Supplier Engagement Leaderboard by global environmental impact non-profit organization CDP. The CDP Worldwide Group and CDP North America, have regional offices and local partners in 50 countries worldwide. As an international organization, CDP receives funding from a wide range of sources. “We want to see a thriving economy that works for people and planet in the long term,” said the organization. “We focus investors, companies and cities on taking action to build a truly sustainable economy by measuring and understanding their environmental impact. We must act urgently to prevent dangerous climate change and environmental damage. That starts by being aware of our impact so that investors, companies, cities and governments can make the right choices – now.”
Epson was recognized for its actions and strategies to reduce emissions and manage climate risks in its supply chain during the past reporting year. Over 4,800 companies in total were assessed by CDP and given a Supplier Engagement Rating based on answers to selected questions about governance, targets, scope-3 emissions, and value-chain engagement in their responses to the CDP 2019 climate change questionnaire. The result: Epson was among the top 3% of organizations assessed by CDP, and one of almost 160 companies that earned a position on CDP’s Leaderboard this year.
“Epson recognizes climate change and global warming as the most serious issue facing the planet,” said the OEM. “In response, we are striving to achieve our Environmental Vision 2050 goals, and will leverage our efficient, compact and precision technologies as we take aggressive measures to reduce the environmental impact of our products and business operations, and throughout our value chain.” For more information on Epson’s environmental initiatives, please click here:

Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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