Eight proven profit-building reasons to use a trade-only printer

In so many ways, trade-only printers (also called wholesale printers) are key players in today’s printing industry. They employ thousands of professionals across the country and provide a steady source of income for Canada’s print brokers. They also save commercial printers, copy shops, advertising agencies, marketing firms, print franchisees, graphic designers and countless other businesses, millions of dollars in printing costs each year – while also improving print quality and showcasing new value-added special effects that reflect the true nature of our amazing industry.
Generally speaking, trade-only printers are large companies that invest literally millions of dollars in the latest printing and finishing equipment as well as workflow technology. Many are former commercial printers themselves, so they know the printing industry inside out. Their employees usually possess expertise in very specific areas – such as wide-format printing, packaging, finishing, book printing, 3D printing and so on. These hard-working professionals know how to utilize the best high-end equipment for the best results, depending on the specific project and budget. Those efficiencies are then passed along to their clients in the form of drastically lower prices. So, those offering printed materials from trade-only printers directly to consumers are able to mark up their prices and make a significant profit. However, the advantages of using trade-only printers go well beyond boosting profits. Here are more proven reasons why trade-only printers continue to be so popular:

  1. NO CAPITAL EXPENSES. Image if you had to purchase expensive printing equipment, whether digital or offset, to complete jobs for your clients. Or, you had to maintain that equipment and perhaps call in tech support in case of breakdowns. Using a trade-only printer eliminates these headaches.
  2. TRUST. A true trade-only printer will never communicate directly with the consumer. Only the reseller would communicate with the consumer to fully understand what’s expected from a project.
  3. SPECIALIZATION. Each trade-only printer will have its own specific areas of expertise – such as signage, book printing, labels and packaging, transactional and document printing, finishing, direct mail, 3D printing and so on. So rest assured that finished products will always impress and be of exceptional quality.
  4. HIGH-END TECHNOLOGY. Since a trade printer’s clients are the ones communicating with the consumer, it’s their brand that will ultimately be affected. In the right hands, high-end equipment will invariably yield high-end print quality.
  5. RESPECT FOR DEADLINES. Trade-only printers understand that deadlines must always be met. If a trade-only printer doesn’t meet deadlines, it won’t be in business very long. Ongoing competition will guarantee that.
  6. FLEXIBILE PRICING. Pricing is often adjusted based on order volumes and even the relationships that people have with their trade-only printer.
  7. EXCEPTIONAL SAMPLES. Trade-only printers usually stock samples that reflect their best work – some even have free ‘kits’ that can double as sales aids. These can include unique pieces such as packaging prototypes, 3D printed items, posters, even business cards printed on unique stocks.
  8. GUARANTEES. How a trade-only printer handles errors is critical. An established trade-only printer will guarantee that errors get fixed immediately – and you’ll be able to get in touch with them without causing a lot of disruption in your ability to give your customers exactly what they want when they want it.
Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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