DuPont introduces Artistri Xite P2700 Inks for roll-to-roll textile printers

DuPont Image Solutions (Wilmington, Delaware) has added a new series to its pigment inks portfolio – DuPont Artistri Xite P2700. The new product is a digital textile premium pigment ink formulated for mid-viscosity printheads that offers “best-in-class colour with deep rich black, and outstanding colour saturation,” said the company. “The new formulation delivers the quality needed for textile printers in home furnishings and apparel applications.” DuPont and Creazioni Digitali, (Como, Italy) collaborated to test and optimize the printing process and quality of the printed fabrics.
“We are delighted to deliver brilliant colours with great wet and dry crock without compromising hand-feel and the sustainability advantage of water-based pigment inkjet inks,” said Eric Beyeler, Global Inkjet Marketing Manager at DuPont Image Solutions. Roberto Lucini, CEO at Creazioni Digitali, added: “Quality and durability of the printed fabric is what our customers trust us to deliver. With DuPont Artistri Xite P2700 inks, we can meet the crock fastness requirements our customers expect, print vibrant colours with reliable jetting performance – and all this with the low environmental footprint of digital pigment inks.” Key features that will specifically benefit roll-to-roll printers include: Jetting reliability; 2A Wash fastness 4-5; Dry crock ≥ 4; Wet crock ≥ 3.5; high colour saturation; Better light-fastness for Y; and colours CMYK ORBGV (light cmk).

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