Xeikon introduces SX20000 Digital Colour Press for book and direct mail printers

The Xeikon SX20000 Digital Colour Press is based on the OEM’s Sirius Technology.

Xeikon America (Itaska, Illinois) has expanded its graphic arts and commercial product portfolio with the launch of the Xeikon SX20000 Digital Colour Press. This is the second duplex press to come to market based on Xeikon’s Sirius dry-toner technology. “It presents an excellent value proposition for printers looking for a cost-effective machine that’ll give them superior image quality, precise registration front-to-back and exceptional colour quality control,” said the OEM. With a high level of application flexibility, the press will suit print providers working in the production of high-quality books and direct mail, PoS materials, security printing and general commercial print applications. The Xeikon SX20000 is available for physical and online demonstrations at Xeikon’s Global Innovation Center in Antwerp, Belgium, and is commercially available now worldwide.

Dimitri Van Gaever.

“In today’s printing world, we all know it’s about delivering value which encompasses quality, performance, sustainability and competitive pricing,” said Dimitri Van Gaever, Xeikon Market Segment Director. “With the launch of the Xeikon SX20000, Xeikon is offering printers in the graphic arts and commercial print markets, a press with unequaled capabilities at an attractive investment level. The Xeikon SX20000 has all the innovations of its flagship predecessor, the Xeikon SX30000 – which makes it a consistent, reliable all-around performer, able to run at a printing width of 20 inches (508 mm) on a broad range of substrates at 1,200 x 3,600 dpi at speeds of 66 feet per minute (20m./min.) or 1,700 B2 sheets per hour. This single-pass duplex press is geared towards printers looking to streamline and optimize the production of high-value, premium-quality print with high coverage content on high-quality papers. On top of that, the Xeikon SX20000 offers scalability with upgrades available in both speed and colour stations. With this new press, we are bringing to market a full rotary machine based on Sirius dry-toner technology driven by Xeikon’s powerful X-800 workflow for full automation,” Gaever added.

Xeikon has envisioned two major markets for digital with this new addition – book printing and direct mail. Xeikon has noted the significant resurgence in printed book production in the last couple of years. Book sales have risen sharply due to easy availability through online channels and renewed interest in high quality books. The rise in demand is stimulating book publishers and printers to look at their business strategies, the company said, and many are now choosing quality over speed. “With Xeikon’s SX20000, designers and printers have no limitations,” the OEM pointed out. “Rotary printing makes it simple with perfect registration and imposition on much longer substrates – so no repeat size, fixed sheet format or frame length. This becomes a significant advantage in the finishing department. On this single-pass duplex press, there are no coverage limitations and no special inks – just load the substrate reel onto the Xeikon and off it goes!”

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