Quadient launches its DS-700 iQ Folder/Inserter

The Quadient DS-700 iQ Folder/Inserter 

Quadient (Bagneux, France) has announced the global launch of its DS-700 iQ Folder/Inserter, its newest modular, flexible, and scalable folder-inserter solution. The DS-700 iQ is equipped with more than 30 enhancements designed to address the evolving workflow demands of today’s high-volume mailing environments, said the OEM, and is engineered to meet the rapidly changing needs of mailers driven by digitalization and outsourcing. Digital transformation of essential customer communications has resulted in smaller-sized physical mail batches, the company pointed out. The number of mail jobs, however, has remained steady or even increased as companies adapt omnichannel communication strategies and increasingly outsource physical mail to service providers. For service providers and in-house high-volume mailers, these changes are shifting equipment needs away from large and expensive folder and inserters to more flexible, mid-sized solutions capable of quickly switching between jobs. The DS-700 iQ readily responds to this need with its ability to handle multiple applications quickly – from letters to invoices to highly sensitive financial statements – while introducing a unique productivity point of 7,000 envelopes per hour.

Alain Fairise

“The DS-700 iQ launch is the continuation of Quadient’s commitment to modernize our Mail-Related Solutions install base and to ensure that our customers readily meet the needs of the changing marketplace,” said Alain Fairise, Chief Solution Officer of Mail-Related Solutions at Quadient. “The DS-700 iQ not only brings improved productivity for large jobs, but also for wide varieties of smaller batches. Quadient’s Mail-Related Solutions are evolving along with our clients, so that they can broaden their capabilities to take on more jobs and grow revenue.” Quadient’s portfolio consists of multiple mid-size production inserters, allowing users to split jobs, run jobs in parallel, and maintain backup capacity.

Key benefits of the DS-700 iQ include:

• Up to 14,000 sheets per hour, reduced setup time with full-page reading, no need for physical camera relocation or moving production markings with software.

• Can accommodate C4 envelopes, booklets, multiple folders, print addresses and personalized messages, read reverse side of documents, output sorting, etc.

• Add additional modules or enable new functionality to adapt to changing needs.

• Minimal learning curve with Integrated Mail Operating System Job Wizard software.

• Closed-loop verification software closely monitors jobs, tracks their progress, and generates efficiency reports.

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