Pitney Bowes launches first-of-its-kind shipping label printer with built-in scale

Pitney Bowes’ PitneyShip Cube Label Printer

Pitney Bowes (Stamford, CT), a global shipping and mailing company that provides technology, logistics and financial services, has launched PitneyShip Cube – an all-in-one Wi-Fi-enabled thermal shipping label printer with integrated scale that simplifies the shipping of packages and e-commerce orders while saving both time and space. With access to its companion PitneyShip software, PitneyShip Cube lets users process orders from retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Shopify, weigh packages, compare discounted shipping rates, print shipping labels, and track packages all from one compact device, with either their mobile phone or their computer.

Shemin Nurmohamed
Shemin Nurmohamed

“We are excited to offer PitneyShip Cube, the first shipping label printer of its kind with a built-in scale,” said Shemin Nurmohamed, Senior VP of Sending Technology Solutions at Pitney Bowes. “With its companion PitneyShip software, PitneyShip Cube allows users to ship faster and smarter. It’s ideal for both e-commerce and office shippers looking to save time and space by streamlining their processes and eliminating unnecessary equipment,” she added. PitneyShip Cube includes a built-in 15-lb. scale and access to the PitneyShip E-commerce Starter Software Plan. With the included PitneyShip software, users can:

• Print discounted USPS shipping labels and first-class stamps.

• Weigh, print and ship from a mobile phone or a computer.

• Send free email tracking notifications automatically to recipients, including proof of delivery.

• Link Amazon, eBay and Shopify stores to automatically import customer orders directly into their PitneyShip E-commerce Account.

• Upgrade to the PitneyShip E-commerce Multi-Carrier Plan and receive discounts up to 86% off of daily UPS shipping rates with no label fees (conditions apply).

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