AIIM joins Imaging Network Group

The Imaging Network Group (INg), a leading trade association for transactional and direct-mail print providers, has added AIIM (Avant Imaging & Integrated Media) based in Aurora, Ontario. to its growing member list. Founded 30 years ago by Frank and Mario Giorgio, AIIM is built on the principles of adaptability while adopting new technologies to meet customer needs. AIIM’s experienced team of professionals integrates print, direct marketing and digital programs to provide cohesive marketing plans that deliver successful responses. “AIIM considers customers to be partners with whom it has established long-term relationships,” the company added. CEO Mario Giorgio and Mark Phillips, Director of Strategic Relations and General Manager, will be representing AIIM at INg meetings “Changes in today’s marketplace and technologies happen so fast, it’s imperative that industry leaders join forces and become stronger collectively,” said Phillips. “INg has a mix of industry leaders and visionaries who are not afraid to think outside of the box. We’re excited about joining the INg family and are looking forward to working, learning and sharing with our peers.”

“It’s always fantastic to have a new company become part of the INg family,” said Fred Van Alstyne, INg President. “Companies like AIIM are the core of the Imaging Network Group. We are looking forward AIIM’s contributions as they become part of the unique experience that sets INg apart from all other trade associations in our industry.”

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