Mactac releases new product bundles for vehicle and wall wraps

Mactac Distributor Products (Stow, Ohio) has unveiled new bundled product packages for full vehicle wraps, partial vehicle wraps and rough wall-wrap applications. Designed to save customers time and money, the new product bundles feature Mactac’s popular print-media and laminating film combinations. The media/laminate bundles offer discounted pricing on high-quality vehicle and wall-wrap products. The bundled products are available as part of Mactac’s new short-roll program, so customers can purchase more (150’ rolls) or less (75’ rolls). Mactac’s bundled products have a two-year shelf life and an indoor and outdoor film durability of up to 10 years, depending on the application.
“Mactac’s new product bundles offer value and quality that can’t be beat in today’s challenging marketplace,” said Jeff Stadelman, Marketing Manager at Mactac Distributor Products. “Combining our well-known vehicle and wall print-media products with our innovative, first-to-market RAYZor LF3600 series of ultra-matte and high-gloss laminating films, ensures easy, cost-effective graphic applications. Add in the new short roll program, and it’s a win-win.”

New bundles include full vehicle wraps, partial vehicle wraps and rough wall-wrap applications.

The new bundled product offerings include:

  • Full Vehicle Wraps: IMAGin B-free Slide-able GRUV with Permacolor RAYZor overlaminate.
  • Slide-able GRUV (GVC929v2BFD) features a slide-able, bubble-free air-egress acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive with an omni-directional invisible adhesive pattern. The adhesive is paired with a 2.0-mil gloss white, soft cast PVC film that is known for excellent color reproduction and a 98# poly-coated layflat liner for superior stability during the printing process. Slide-able GRUV offers fast and easy graphic installation.
  • Permacolor RAYZor is a 1.5-mil cast vinyl laminate that is available in gloss (LF3648G) or matte (LF3638G) finishes. It is designed for long-term outdoor, marine, fleet or vehicle markings on flat, curved, corrugated, riveted surfaces and textured wall applications.
  • Partial Vehicle Wraps: IMAGin B-free GRUV with Permacolor RAYZor overlaminate.
  • B-free GRUV (GV729v2BFD) is a 2.1-mil gloss white print media with a permanent bubble-free air-egress adhesive. It is easy to apply on flat to slightly curved and complex surfaces and is ideal for partial wraps and longer-term signage.
  • Bundle includes Permacolor RAYZor gloss or matte overlaminate.
  • Rough Wall Wraps: IMAGin RoughRAP with Permacolor RAYZor overlaminate
  • RoughRAP (RR100) is a soft white gloss 2.0-mil cast PVC vinyl with a high-tack permanent opaque adhesive that features high levels of conformability and adhesion to rough concrete block, traditional brick and similar surfaces. Featuring easy application, it has a paint-like finish and is ideal for signage, mural or point-of-purchase applications.
  • Bundle includes Permacolor RAYZor gloss or matte overlaminate.

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