Inkjet Insight releases analysis of sheetfed production inkjet device market

Inkjet Insight, a valuable online source of objective information from industry experts for companies evaluating and using production inkjet, has released a timely analysis of the sheetfed production inkjet device market. Sheetfed inkjet presses are the new frontier, said the company – from those designed to replace toner-based solutions for document printing, to others which are intended for near-photographic applications. They’ll also fit in environments that already have workflows designed for sheetfed printing, and are best suited for customized print applications. Inkjet Insight’s Device Finder catalogues a wide range of these devices (from 182 ipm up to 866 ipm) and sheet sizes that approximate B1, B2, B3 and C3. Some of the listings are for products that have been publicly discussed, may be prototypes or planned products, but are not commercially available. “These will help you understand where the market is heading and future capabilities,” the website emphasized.
The analysis covers devices from major vendors and delves into sizes, formats, inks, resolutions and colour capabilities of these various devices and more. “There are currently great solutions on the market that fit multiple niches and application sets,” Inkjet Insight added. “It’s time to start talking with your vendors, understanding your applications and requirements, and testing their technology to determine a fit. This space is going to evolve over the next couple years, especially with drupa 2020 right around the corner. We should expect to see commercialization of many of the devices that have already been discussed in the market, along with new entrants who will push the envelope.”
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Tony Curcio
Tony Curcio is the news editor at Graphic Arts Magazine.

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