Color-Logic releases new digital colour guides to simplify the use of neon and fluorescent inks

Color-Logic (West Chester, Ohio) has released new Touch7 Neon Color Guides that simplify the use by graphic designers of the neon and fluorescent inks being offered by various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Until now, graphic designers preparing files for use with new neon and fluorescent inks have been confined to commercially available guides printed for offset lithography. “When designers attempt to use these analogue colour guides for digital print, however, the result is often disappointing,” said Color-Logic. “This means lengthy trial-and-error procedures when attempting to design for the latest digital-print engines.” The neon and fluorescent colour guides, in combination with the Touch7 Neon Photo plug-in for Photoshop, will help designers differentiate their clients – at a fraction of the time compared to using offset-printed colour guides.

Richard Ainge.

Because inks vary among print-engine manufacturers, the Touch7 Color Guides are produced and sold only by the printer manufacturers, for use solely with their digital devices. “Touch7 Neon Color Guides are printed by Color-Logic partners that manufacture digital print engines, and thus reflect exactly what can be expected when using the substrate on which the guide was printed,” said Richard Ainge,
developer of the Touch7 process. “Graphic designers will be amazed at the time savings and predictability of their work when using Touch7 software to prepare files for print. Their print customers will be equally amazed at the astounding colour enhancements possible,” Ainge added.

Color-Logic Touch7 neon examples.

The first Touch7 Neon Color Guides available are for pink and yellow neon and fluorescent colours on their digital presses. Touch7 provides print-engine manufacturers with 760 colours for each neon colour, in addition to the standard CMYK ink sets available. Touch7 Neon Color Guides also help printers demonstrate and communicate to graphic designers the extended gamut of colours, as well as the delicate pastels possible on digital presses – without the difficulty of trying to match colours seen in an offset-produced guide.

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