Boston Industrial Solutions unveils new Hyper Silicone ink colour

The new Hyper Yellow ink is ideal for printing on any item made of silicone rubber.

Boston Industrial Solutions’ (Woburn, MA) high-opacity pad printing and screen printing silicone inks – The Hyper Colours – has expended with the addition of 315HD Hyper Yellow. Pad printer operators can achieve 100% opacity with ‘one-hit’ printing, said the company, while screen printers can achieve 100% using a 305 mesh in one pass.

Natron SE 315HD Hyper Yellow is a new, high-opacity colour ideal for many silicone applications. The ink solves the challenges associated with printing yellow colours on dark substrates. The new colour is also ideal for mixing to formulate new colours. The resulting colours are 100% opaque.

The ink also solves yellow and green colour-formulation issues. New Hyper Yellow, like all Natron SE Silicone inks, is ideal for printing on any item made of silicone rubber. They also feature excellent ink flow, high-temperature and abrasion resistance, and are offered in 40 standard colours.

The Natron SE Series is the leading silicone ink worldwide for printing on all types of silicone applications across multiple industries – including automotive, medical, industrial, promotional, textile, aerospace, contractor printers, glass & silicone optics and more.

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