Boston Industrial introduces Natron TP Series Pad Printing Ink for plastics

The Natron TP Series of pad printing inks

Ink manufacturing company Boston Industrial Solutions (Woburn, MA) has introduced an all-purpose 1-component or 2-component pad printing ink for plastic substrates – the Natron TP Series. The Natron TP Series ink line is a new pad-printing ink that exhibit exceptionally good adhesion on different plastic substrates such as Tritan, ABS, PET, Polystyrene, PVC, Paper Cardboard and wood. As a 2-component ink, the Natron TP series has great adhesion on hard substrates like coated plates and vinyl while passing acid, gasoline, and alkali chemical tests. Like Natron MG pad-printing ink for glass and metals, the TP series is easy to work with and comes in 21 high-opacity colours, including metallics. Custom colours are also available. The new TP ink features:

  • High-gloss finish
  • Fast drying, ideal for multi-colour printing
  • High opacity to pad print on transparent and translucent products
  • Strong scratch resistance
  • Excellent printability, definition and smooth printability for both open and closed ink-cup pad printing machines
  • Non-toxic and free from heavy metals – making it ideal for food packaging, toys, industrial and medical pad printing applications

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