Konica Minolta launches AccurioPress 6136P MICR

Konica Minolta U.S.A.’s newest addition to its product portfolio is a MICR version of its AccurioPress 6136.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. (Ramsey, NJ) has unveiled a new addition to its product lines – a MICR version of its AccurioPress 6136. This gives the 6136P a MICR toner and developer that “will have a significant impact on the financial printing market,” said the OEM. The term MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) most often refers to the line of numbers that appears at the bottom of a cheque. The MICR line is a group of three numbers, which are the cheque number, the account number and the bank routing number. The MICR number includes the magnetic ink character recognition line printed using technology that allows certain computers to read and process the printed information quickly.

Dino Pagliarello.

“While personal cheuqes are on the downtrend, commercial bank cheques are still in high demand, with usage in financial institutions, government agencies and educational segments,” said Dino Pagliarello, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Planning at Konica Minolta. “MICR printing represents a huge market with more than five billion cheuqes printed annually.” Konica Minolta partnered with the TROY Group to help convert its AccurioPress 6136P to a MICR version, combining TROY’s patented MICR Toner Secure with its own proprietary developer bead. The toner has been extensively tested to ABA/ANSI standards. TROY Group is a worldwide leader in OEM MICR-developed printers and has several patents on MICR Technology.
“Through our partnership with Konica Minolta, we are setting the standard in production cheque printing solutions for anti-tamper payments,” said Michael Riley, Executive Vice President and General Manager at the TROY Group. “We recognized the market need for a production solution to fill a void in the secure-payment printing space. The AccurioPress 6136P MICR leverages Konica Minolta’s long history of print innovation, and introduces TROY’s patented, MICR Toner Secure technology.”
TROY’s MICR Toner Secure, MICR developer and MICR fonts were designed specifically for use in the 6136P’s print engine to ensure consistent MICR quality and performance. The AccurioPress 6136P MICR combines speed and versatility with durability and reliability to deliver high-quality, tamper-resistant MICR documents in high-volume production environments.
The biggest benefit of the AccurioPress 6136P MICR print solution is its print speed of 136 pages per minute and unique TROY MICR Toner Secure, a proven industry standard in financial cheque printing. The high-quality toner – engineered exclusively for the 6136 Konica Minolta engine – maximizes readability and makes toner scraping “nearly impossible.” Through patented security technology, red dye is released which voids the cheque if chemical alteration is attempted. The printer can be specified to optimize print settings instantaneously, providing efficient paper set-ups with each job for up to 256 media profiles. Its 15-inch touchpanel makes operating easy and facilitates greater visibility and easier operation. Operators can view and edit job tickets, create previews, and print sample outputs to confirm results, allowing for output operations that are efficient and waste-free. Advanced job management support simplifies output work and reduces labour costs. Optional software available includes AccurioPro VDP for variable-data applications. The 6136P MICR also supports camera-based monitoring systems and document integrity software to ensure that every piece prints in order.

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