HP launches printing industry’s first ‘Mixed Reality’ service

HP’s new xRServices provides unique virtual/real world customer support for a next generation of printers and is powered by Microsoft HoloLens 2 technology.

HP (Palo, Alto, California) has launched HP xRServices powered by Microsoft HoloLens 2, characterizing the technology as “the latest innovation for the next generation of printers.” The collaboration will see HP xRServices and Microsoft HoloLens 2 create a virtual/real world combination in which customers can connect with HP engineers in a split second through MR (Mixed Reality), advising them on any issues at any point in their print production process. Wearing the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset and supported by the HP xRServices solution, users will get the feeling of being physically present with a ‘virtual coach’ to guide them through any process, meaning no time is wasted on lengthy service calls. Resolutions to problems will be much faster and press downtime will be kept to a minimum.

Compatible with all HP industrial printer hardware, users can be trained and will adapt quickly to doing day-to-day tasks, said HP. Guided step-by-step with their ‘virtual HP engineer,’ the instructions move with the employees to easily direct them to the parts or problems they need to solve in a matter of seconds. And, by leveraging HP’s Print OSx, plant managers will clearly see how to combine the data generated from doing the work with transactional data to drive optimization and smoother productivity in the future. Currently in HP’s beta launch of the program, utilized by selected customers, not only does the new technology solve resolutions to issues quickly, it also provides:

• Less face-to-face meetings or travel. The complete on-press toolset provides everything users need with the step-by-step guidance.

• More Support. Users now have a second and virtual in-person route to guide them through any problems, issues or advice to keep things moving around the clock.

• Faster onboarding. The technology guides new employees through processes step by step as live simulations.

• Real-time MR (Mixed Reality) technology guides users through troubleshooting while they actually work – using HP xRServices and Microsoft HoloLens 2 technology – to ensure self-sufficiency around the clock.

• Faster repair times, simplified support and a single point of contact – ensuring smoother print operations as a business continues to grow.

• Connection of HP xRServices to HP’s Predictive Press Care solution (PrintOS) to build a simplified, predictable and automated production process as a business evolves.

Haim Levit

“With the exponential rise in digital printing fuelling the industry, customers have less time for service calls and higher production runs to meet,” said Haim Levit, General Manager, HP Indigo and WW Industrial Go to Market. “The way we deliver services in this ever-evolving business and work environment is changing fast, and working with Microsoft on this project was a common-sense solution. We are redefining services for the industry by providing our customers with a solution that not only saves them time, but optimizes their revenue opportunities. We continue to drive the most innovative solutions in the industry as we listen to and work with our customers, as their own production needs change in the virtual and physical worlds.”

Tracy Galloway

“HP has a strong record of reinvention, always propelling customer needs as the key driver for technology advancement,” said Tracy Galloway, Corporate Vice President & COO at Microsoft. “Microsoft’s mixed-reality solutions offer a tangible mechanism that helps drive the changing landscape of human interaction. HP and Microsoft working together on reinventing services was a clear winning formula. We’re confident HP’s xRServices, and Microsoft’s HoloLens2 and Remote Assist applications, will bring simplicity and ease to HP’s support operations – and will be a catalyst for positive change in customer support throughout the industry,” she added.

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