DIA April 20 webinar to explore transitioning from offset to inkjet

The Digital Imaging Association (DIA) has gathered a panel of industry experts for its next helpful hour-long webinar that will explore the current status of inkjet and the transition from offset, as the technology has evolved and there are now many more adopters. Commercial offset is the “last bastion” where inkjet is starting to take hold in the printing world. Steady advances in print quality, greater flexibility with stock sizes and finishes (coated, uncoated, board, etc) have helped to drive the acceptance of Inkjet.

Forecasts predict a 40% drop in demand for printed marketing materials by 2024. And while lithography is still a viable business, it’s also a business looking at a significant decline in demand. If you want to remain profitable, you should consider adding inkjet to your portfolio. Joining the webinar will be two leading vendors of inkjet (Canon and HP), along with two printers from different market sectors – Transcontinental PreMedia and DM, and Webcom (now part of Marquis Printing), the first major installation of inkjet in Canada. Inkjet is no longer “if” you’re going to transition, it’s “when!” Hear what experts on both sides – seller and buyer – have to say about their experiences. How was the transition? Are they glad they made the move? What’s the ROI like? And will they continue to invest in Inkjet?

This helpful webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20 at 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Be sure to register now to learn some valuable lessons from these experts. Just click on the link below:


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